About Me
and my objectives.

General Profile

A passionate and self motivated full stack web developer with a wide range of skills producing front end through to back end design and implementation. Over 14 years of exposure to full stack development in web and internal infrastructures in a wide range of technologies provides and excellent knowledge base for problem solving and contextual solution design with new projects and legacy applications as well as being fearless in investigating code bases of open source projects when problems arise. This with being naturally inquisitive of progressive trends, languages, standards and design patterns not only ensures compliance to industry expectations but allows for an ability to be versatile when a project requires. Implementing standardised patterns and respect of 'Single Responsibility' and 'Separation of Concerns' in architecture and implementation essentially ensures decoupled atomic code bases that comply with testable and agile project developments and are transferable across development teams.


Evolving and learning more is always high on the agenda and any involvement in projects with a drive for the latest stack will always be attractive. Front end development is normally the prime objective supported by back end abilities and at this time a tendency to work with a MERN stack, or variations of seems prevalent and would be the preferred primary stack choice for upcoming contracts. Redux has played a big part in recent projects both with React and React Native and more mobile app development is definitely on the wishlist possibly extending current knowledge of Objective-C and Swift. Python has always been in the background as a tool and Go has made a recent show in non commercial projects but more exposure to both of these is definitely on the agenda. A move to containerization in the last few projects has been a delight as the obvious advantages of this have been apparent for a while and its good to finally implement and so there will be a definite progression in the knowledge of, if not usage of the likes of Docker, OpenOS RTX, Kubernetes and AWS CMS in personal and commercial projects.

A Brief History

Initial career objectives in graphic design were soon redirected when early positions exposed a passion for web design and development. The 14 years following have been a constant progression of knowledge in front and back end application development in a number of languages, server development and maintenance, devOps, architecture, design patterns, best practices and generally respecting industry standards as they evolve. The experience with a wide range of technology stacks has satisfied a natural curiosity to learn.