Full Stack Compliant Development
and it all started with design.

My given name is Gary Law and I am web developer originally qualified in graphic design but now with over 14 years of experience in front-end and back-end development and a natural obsession with current trends, standards and best practices in code and design.

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What can I do for you?

In more recent years I have been dedicated to a few specific teams yet my inquisitive and adaptable nature and ability to quickly assimilate new skills when required has resulted in a diverse set of responsibilities within these teams. Now I all these skills are part of the package that I offer to any new project.

The Technologies I Work With.

The multitude of previous responsibilities has resulted in a wide range of knowledge in technologies, languages, environments and general workflow utilities. Here you can see an overview of those that I work with now and have experience with.


Those that I generally favor and primarily work with today.

ES6 React Redux Handlebars SASS TapeJS NPM NodeJS REST NoSQL Webpack Docker Nginx AWS


Those that I have worked with in the past and revisit when need be.

Angular Backbone Handlebars Karma Mocha Chai Python Java EE Java SE PHP SQL SCORM TinCan Apache Grunt Gulp


Those that I look forward to using in commercial projects.

GraphQL GoLang AWS ECS VueJS CoreOS RTA Kebernetes


Just a few of those that are part of everyday workflow.

Unix Shell Bash RegExp SED GREP SSH

What have I done?

Looking over my work history will give you a more in depth view of the projects I have worked on and the consequential exposure to technologies.

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Lets talk about projects.

I currently work mostly as a remote developer but respect that sometimes you just need to be there and so I am always happy to consider projects that require some on-site collaboration and communication. I am happy to give free consultation to talk about your requirements so get in touch.

I am very comfortable with, and probably most experienced working as an integrated member of a development team yet I am very happy to bring my development and architectural experience to hand with a crazy startup or just smaller projects that would require more direction.

Due to the fact that I could be working in various parts of the world at any one time it is always best to make contact via email so if you wish to talk about a project please do that.

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